About Us

MDG Financial is a FinTech company founded in Toronto, Canada. MDG Financial’s goal is to provide a frictionless experience for online shoppers while improving conversions for ecommerce merchants through POS consumer financing programs.

This offers the opportunity for consumers to have more buying power through an MDG Financial line of credit. This enables the customer the ability to buy what they want now and spread their payments over a preferred period of time.

MDG Financial offers fair, ecommerce consumer financing solutions to Canadians and Americans regardless of a person’s credit history. Our program is available through preferred ecommerce merchants who’ve partnered with us as their point-of-sale consumer financing platform.

MDG Financial can offer higher approval ratings compared to other consumer financing companies. We’re able to offer you this because we understand that there are other contributing factors outside of a customer’s FICO credit score, that determines their eligibility for credit. This opens-up your customer base and increases your online conversions and cart value.

We work with each ecommerce merchant to offer you competitive, lower merchant discounted rate programs like interest-free financing. MDG Financial would like to be your partner of choice when it comes to POS financing. Contact us to enroll.

Benefits for Ecommerce Merchants

Price is the largest hurdle when it comes to large ticket items. By offering your consumer financing, turns big purchases into affordable payments — they can afford. This can drive up their cart value and their lifetime value.

  • Receive funds upfront with no credit risk to your business
  • Increase your sales revenues
  • Improve customer loyalty and incremental sales
  • Improve your customers’ experience by providing alternative payment solutions